Institutions of oppresion, mirrors from which ignorance reflects, close around each wrist- masculine, feminine the social constructions of gender are locked the manacles of acceptance pressed against progress’ back How can I love what is not real? Well, “Blurred lines” sell. Pride is forgotten. Dignity left behind. Selfless “love” in the form of augmentation. I […]

“Now is the winter of our discontent, made glorious summer,” and we faught, no white and red petals brandished, but with our voices. How many thornes they do contain! And what if I wrote this line again: It, now, is winter, made of our discontent[ed] summer. Together we cook[ed], alone. Now we cook alone. My […]

For once, for twice be still as I want you. For thrice, be as full as I need you to be. I will trust-fall to you so be there. Their may be uncovered; but then it may not be. A box of holes will leak its insides in round splotches. A square box, round hole, […]

A year ago I was motivated to start a blog because I wanted to try and understand my life and my self better. Motivated by my love of poetry, nature, dance and food, I began to take more time for myself to think, write, spend time outside, bake, and create dances. I wanted to share […]

It was then, and always has been, the experience of my temperament that no matter how violent the sensation or passion, the brain worked at the same time with a lightning and luxurious rapidity. I have, therefore, never, in the slang sense, lost my head; on the contrary, the more acute the pleasure of the […]

“We Fall Apart” by  We As Human The worlds on fire but we’re all smiling Though it’s all our fault But life is short so we resort to laughing through it allIt’s the battle within the good and the sin With both sides standing strong It’s the permanent scars How broken we are It’s the […]

If you were to ask me who on earth I am,  could you promise to try and see more than hurt places and try to love the qualities of- Ask me. Who on earth am I meant to be? I may answer, but to be sure I must first live, learn, and love- then tell. […]